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Sara Canaday

Sara Canaday is a recognized expert in leadership development with bottom-line impact at the corporate level. Specifically, she helps companies' high-potential employees integrate the elusive leadership skills that research now proves are critical for corporations to succeed. As a speaker, author, executive coach and owner of the consulting firm Sara Canaday & Associates, Sara has a unique gift for connecting and communicating with her audiences to propel them from light-bulb-moment insight to strategic change. Moving far beyond the business-school basics, she helps people identify the professional blind spots that are preventing them from taking their careers – and their companies -- to the next level. 

Scott Deming

Scott Deming takes his thirty plus years of business ownership, board positions, working with small, independently owned companies as well as multi-national, publicly traded corporations, employee relationship expertise, customer experience savvy, and wraps it into the most comprehensive, easy to implement and energetic program you’ve ever seen. As one national publication wrote: “Scott Deming’s customer experience process is more like the ten moral principles for great business practice and success!”Scott Deming speaks for and trains companies across the globe – big and small, in just about every industry. From CEOs to business owners to managers to sales people to customer service reps, Scott Deming’s programs have transformed individuals and organizations alike, showing them the real process for customer evangelism and lasting customer loyalty. As Scott Deming says – “There is no correlation between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer. A satisfied customer will stay with you until the next best deal comes along.” Move your customers from satisfied to loyal, with the process that works Communicate better. Become a stronger leader. Build a team that loves the corporate mission and sells with passion. Improve business and increase sales. Create a powerful, emotional, one-of-a-kind cult brand. Turn customers into evangelists for life. Be a marketing machine. Own your space. How? Come experience Scott Deming and learn how to transform yourself and your organization into a powerful, emotional brand that employees and customers will want to belong to.

Stedman Graham

Stedman Graham has built a strong reputation for helping corporations, organizations, and individuals succeed.  He is the Chairman and CEO of S. Graham & Associates, a management and marketing consulting firm based in Chicago.  As an educator and speaker, Graham lectures and conducts seminars for businesses and educational organizations worldwide on the topics of identity development and leadership.  Graham considers it his mission to transform followers into leaders and has a passion for helping young people have a larger vision for their lives. He is the author of eleven books including two New York Times bestsellers.  His most recent book, “Identity: Your Passport to Success” was a Wall Street Journal bestseller.At the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, he taught a management strategy course entitled “The Dynamics of Leadership.”  Graham is currently a distinguished visiting professor at colleges and universities throughout the country.  Active in philanthropy and community work, he is on several boards including the Board of Junior Achievement and the business school at San Diego State University.  Graham served in the U.S. Army and played basketball professionally in the European League.  Graham holds a Bachelor’s Degree in social work from Hardin Simmons University, a Master’s Degree in Education from Ball State University, and an honorary doctorate in Humanities from Coker College.  

Larry Gulko

Larry Gulko has a passion for providing leadership to create new ideas and strategies that build sustainable brands to drive growth and increase business and shareholder value. Working with your management team, he explores opportunities to focus and uniquely position your brand, build brand equity, lead innovation, dominate a product category, enhance the customer experience and loyalty, increase revenue and market share and create new business development initiatives to enable your organization to compete more effectively in today’s ever–changing business landscape and dramatically drive business success. As a sought after speaker, Larry inspires and motivates audiences to create a unique, powerful brand in today's ever-changing competitive landscape. His speeches receive rave reviews and enhance the tone of each client's venue. Larry shares his ideas to create dynamic brands that drive revenue and build business value. He delivers an insightful and enjoyable experience that stimulates his audience to have the passion to explore creative approaches to grow their business and achieve a new level of brand positioning success.

Larry Mersereau

A professional speaker since 1993, Larry Mersereau has addressed over 1,000 audiences throughout the western hemisphere, both in keynote/general session settings and in breakout, workshop and training program situations. From corporate meeting audiences to association conventions, he has worked with audiences in a broad range of industries, always with the same mission: to get business growing. And the mission has never been more important than it is right now. Larry Mersereau, CTC. Niched as a business growth revivalist, he is the author of four books on the topic and a professional speaker who addresses dozens of audiences, in a broad range of industries every year. He’s the only keynote speaker who shares the simple, doable… effective growth strategies and tactics that made his books so popular and have helped so many businesses and individuals succeed.

Gerry Visca

Gerry Visca is known to many as 'Canada's Creative Coach'. He is an international branding expert and award-winning Creative Director at Redchair Branding. Since 1999, Gerry has directed thousands of branding and strategic marketing campaigns for small businesses to Fortune 500 clients in multiple sectors including, travel and tourism, healthcare, education and technology. He's a successful entrepreneur, author of 3 books, co-host on an upcoming television series pitch, and runs successful "BigThink" and "Branding Boot Camps" experiences. Inspire your team and audiences with some intense, high-OCTANE energy and enthusiasm and let Gerry Visca Creatively Inspire You to stand out from the competition and unleash your inner genius.

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